CORONA VIRUS (covid19) Policy

As of 25/7/2020, we can now open for camping and bunkhouse guests using shared facilities. However, due to social distancing rules in Wales we shall only be letting the bunkhouse for extended families / social bubbles.

Extra hygiene precautions will be taken to prevent the potential spreading of the Corona virus, to our guests / our staff and other members of the public as detailed below.

We ask that any persons exhibiting symptoms of the Corona virus do not visit us as a precaution to prevent passing the virus on. Customers exhibiting these symptoms will be prevented from staying at Pentrebach Bunkhouse or using the facilities, even if the customer is confident that they do not carry the virus.

If you begin to exhibit symptoms of the virus during your stay or a short time afterwards please inform us immediately to aid with the Test/Trace/Protect policies.

Cancellations / Reschedules
Our normal booking terms and conditions (available in full on the website) apply unless you fall into one of the following conditions

1) The government issues a “lock downโ€ order to either the customers location, our location or to an area which the customer would be required to travel through and therefore cannot travel to us.
2) The customer has been placed in quarantine by public health officials or is self-isolating and is expected to still be in quarantine on the date of the booking.
3) The customer arrives exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms and is turned away.

then we will offer a reschedule or full refund to any customer who has had to postpone their booking due to one of the reasons listed above.

Cancellation Insurance
As stated in our Terms & Conditions our insurance does not relate to customer cancellation for any reasons and we strongly recommend that customers should purchase appropriate insurance to cover the cost of their booking in case of personal accident or sickness (Covid-19 or otherwise).

Precautions to be taken by us
We will reduce the risk of cross-contamination by carrying out the following daily activities (in addition to the normal cleaning procedure):
1) Observe the 20-second hand wash advice as given by NHS.
2) Disinfect door handles and light switches and other touch points and provide hand sanitiser for use prior to entry/exist from toilets / shower blocks.
3) Avoid obvious person-to-person contact such as hand shaking
4) Provide disposable paper towels rather than fabric towel for hand drying
5) Wipe bunkhouse keys prior to use and leave them in the building

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