Kayak & Sea Kayaking Courses

We offer a variety of Kayak and Sea Kayaking Courses in North Wales where we make the most of our location with easy access to spectacular lakes, interesting moving water and of course the stunning Welsh coastline of Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula with its hidden inlets, islands and wildlife.

We are an ‘Approved Centre’ by CanoeWales and all of our instructors are BCU qualified coaches who live to kayak and love to pass on their passion of these great kayaking sports.

Whether this is your first time discovering the joys of kayaking, you wish to improve your kayaking or sea kayaking skills or just wish to share the experience with others while exploring new environments then choose from one of our kayaking or sea kayaking courses below or call to discuss your specific requirements.

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Discovery Courses

Kayak / Canoe Taster Session
(1/2 day course – £45 per person)

For those wishing to try kayaking or canoeing for the first time. This is a fun session for everyone, individuals / families / friends.

You will be introduced to the basic strokes, enabling you to get around.

This session may be on a local lake or a sheltered bay.

Pre-requisite• none, the ability to have fun!

Course Dates – run when you wish. Just give us a call.


Introduction to Kayaking Course
(1 Day course – £70 pp / 2 Day course £130 pp)

This course goes further than the l/2 day taster session, concentrating more on stroke work but still being introduced in a fun way.

Having looked at basic strokes we will explore support strokes and simple methods of rescue.

The 2 day course will include a simple river or estuary journey where we will be able to work on the strokes developed on day one.

Pre-requisite: none


Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course
(l Day course – £70 pp / 2 Day course – £l30 pp)

Aimed at those who have some kayaking experience. This course looks at boat handling skills and the differences from river boats, simple sea safety, route planning and tides.

The 2 day course allows you to build on the basic skills by putting them into action while on a simple journey along our stunning coastline.


Pre-requisite: Ability to manoeuvre a kayak happily, (2 star level).



Improvers Courses

Kayak – Moving Water skillsKayak courses in North Wales
(2 Day course – £l30 per person)

Day l
The course starts with looking at your current skills and looks at techniques to improve them. We then proceed to introduce the new skills necessary for dealing with moving water (ferry gliding – moving across the river, breaking out/in from eddies).

Having new skills to play with we will find an appropriate stretch of river to test these out.

Day 2
Back onto moving water to consolidate the skills learnt on Day l.

Pre-requisite: Ability to manoeuvre a kayak happily, (2 star level).


Improvers Sea Kayaking Course
(2 Day course – £130 per person)

Aimed at those who already have an interest in sea kayking.

Day 1
Having determined your current skills we develop a program to improve them. We will also explore topics such as edging, the effect of wind on your boat and simple rescues.

Day 2
We will start with some seamanship skills (tides, weather, route planning) then head out and explore more of our spectacular coast line using those techniques learnt the day before.

Pre-requisite – Ability to manoeuvre a sea kayak happily. (2 star level).


Explorer Courses

Guided Sea Kayak TripsGuided sea kayak trips with Bach Ventures
(1 – 2 day trips available – price on request)

You’ve heard about the beautiful coastline of Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsular and would like to explore it but feel unsure to do it on your own.

Then why don‘t you speak with us about where you’d like to go and explore.

We are happy to take guided trips of up to four persons out for one or two days, we could even do an overnight camp.

Pre-requisite: A good balance of general kayak skills (2 star level).



BCU Star Awards

For those wishing to gain personal qualifications in kayaking or canoeing we offer the 1 and 2 Star Awards. These are done in both kayak and canoe craft.

The 3 Star Award is craft specific.

We offer a 2 day training course for both the 3 Star Kayak & 3 Star Sea Kayak Awards.

The Assessment is a 1 day course for these.

If your requirement isn’t covered by the above please contact us as we are happy to tailor a course to your specific requirements. The main thing is get out there and enjoy.

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